Size chart

Size chart

Research shows that about 80% of women wear badly fitting bras. It would seem that this piece of clothing has a little importance, because most of the time we wear it under clothing. That is wrong!

Badly fitting (or most often completely unmatched) bra harms every woman. Lack of support for the bust makes it saggy, which deforms not only the breast itself, but also the entire silhouette.

A well-chosen bra can make a miracle!

If you plan to buy a bra online, the right size can be defenited by yourself - just learn a few simple rules.

What to focus on when buying a bra?

It should be remembered that the size of the bra consists of two parameters: the band size (usually starting from 65 and above) and the size of the cup (marked with a letter).

How to find the well-mached size of a bra, which would be wearing as a "second skin"?

Measure yourself under the bust: cramped, breathing out. From the result obtained, subtract 5 cm and score the result round down.

For example - if you measured 78 cm

78 cm - 5 cm = 73 cm

Number 73 is rounded down (to 5 or to the full 10), i.e. in this case it will be 70 cm.

Such calculation of the band size is extremely important, because in this way we take the correction of the stretch of the material from which the bra is made.

Since we already know the right band size - we need to know the right size of the cup.

This time, we measure breathing in, avoiding squeezing the breast. Measure yourself at the height of your nipples. In this case, it is best to measure yourself without a bra, or with the one that is made of a soft fabric. In case of larger breasts, proper measurement may facilitate gentle leaning forward, so that the bust can fall freely. The obtained result is compared with the obtained band size.

Based on the lable below, you can easily read the right size for you.

Size chart

Band size


The band size calculated above was 70 cm. When measuring the circumference of the bust, the measure tape showed 92 cm.

In this case, the correct bra size is 70E.

Remember, when changing the band size, always adjust the cup size - these sizes are interrelated.

While having the bigger band size, reduce the cup size and vice versa - by choosing a smaller band size, the cup will be bigger.

The size determined in this way is approximate. This is, as a rule, a very similar value, around which we should oscillate when choosing a bra. The size may differ slightly from the one calculated in the above way - it depends on the brand, model or the properties of the fabric from which it was made.



Wonderbra Bras

The band is tight - we suggest to not lower down the bust measurement.

65D 30D
65E 30DD
65F 30E
65G 30F
65H 30FF
65I 30G
70B 32B
70C 32C
70D 32D
70E 32DD
70F 32E
70G 32F
70H 32FF
70I 32G
75B 34B
75C 34C
75D 34D
75E 34DD
75F 34E
75G 34F
75H 34FF
80B 36B
80C 36C
80D 36D
80E 36DD
80F 36E
80G 36F
80H 36FF
85C 38C
85D 38D
85E 38DD
85F 38E

Wonderbra panties

36 (S)  XS  XS XS   XS
38 (M) 
40 (L) 
42 (XL)
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